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How to Use the Protection Amulets (Tib: Trungwa):

Every protection amulet is made by an elaborate traditional process as described in Tantras, Termas, or the writings of great Lamas (Gurus). Inside, according to the instructions for each amulet, are meticulously printed mantras and/or sacred drawings sometimes with rare or special substances which have an auspicious connection for the intended purpose. They are then folded or rolled and wound with colored thread in specific designs, covered with brocades, and consecrated through prayer and ritual. They can be worn on the body or affixed to a door or placed elsewhere in the house. Generally, they should be treated with respect, either wearin them on the upper part of the body or placing them in a spot where no-one sits or steps.

We also have Liberation Through Wearing Amulets which are aimed at liberation rather than protection. Those can be worn or buried or burned with the deceased.

These amulets are made a Chorten Gonpa Monastery in Sikkim and blessed by Dodrupchen Rinpoche and other Tulkus. The proceeds from the sales of these and other items sold here are used entirely to support Monasteries and projects to preserve Dharma.

When you click to add items to your cart, a new window will open and you will have a chance to choose the quantity. You can return to this window behind the PayPal window. During checkout, you may specify color preference in the comment area provided. We will do our best to match it, but cannot guarantee it.

Drip dang Mitshang Trungwa - $15
Protection from defilement, pollution, contamination, uncleanliness and impurity.
Rim Trungwa - $15
Protection from epidemics.
Stid Pelwai Trungwa - $15
Tsaktra or wheel for increasing offspring.
Son Dremo Trungwa - $15
Protection from female evil spirits or goblins that possess the living.
Son Dre Pho Trungwa - $15
Protection from male evil spirits or goblins that possess the living.
Jungpo Chi'i Nodpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from harm caused by the external [five] elements.
Tok Dre Se Rak Trungwa - $15
Protection from spirits that prevent one from receiving satisfaction and nourishment from food.
Gyalpo Pehar Trungwa - $15
Protector of Gyalpo Pehar
Damchan Dorje Legpa Trungwa - $15
Vajra Sadhu Protector.
Ngagdag Dregchen Chogyed Trungwa - $15
Protector of the Eighteen Great Arrogant Mantra Lords.
Mi Nad Kun Trungwa - $15
Protection from diseases of humans in general.
Milam Zangpo Trungwa - $15
Protection from bad dreams.
Nye Ched Trungwa - $15
Protection from divisiveness.
God Kha Trungwa - $15
Protection from loss or damage to money or property of all kinds.
Ma'i Jigpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from damage by fire.
Lotokgi Nadpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from harm to crops.
Nyo Dre Trungwa - $15
Protection from harm by spirits that cause insanity and mental disturbance.
Mi Kha Leng Zhi'i Nodpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from false charges, unjust accusations, calumny and slander.
Za Kar Nganpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from harmful effects of inauspicious planets and stars or constellations [harmful astrological conbinations].
Tshedrang Nganpa Trungwa - $15
Protection from the harm of inauspicious dates.
Chog Ngan Trungwa - $15
Protection from the harm of inauspicious locations.
Sho Bud Trungwa - $15
Protection from harm by mountain land and water slides.
Tshe Trog Trungwa - $15
Protection from all kinds of things that are harmful to life and the life span; promotes longevity.
Lu Kyedpa - $15
Protection from all kinds of things that harm, and increases vigor and strength of the body.
Wang Kyedpa - $15
Protects against harm to and increases personal power, wealth, happiness and fortune.
LungTa Kyedpa - $15
Protects against decline and harm to, and increases fortune, luck and merit.
Don Nyer Drupa'i Trungwa - $15
Accomplishes whatever purpose or goal one has in mind and protects against anything that would obstruct it.
Tshong Gyalwa - $15
Promotes success and profit in business or trade, and protects against loss or failure.
Nor Pelwa - $15
Promotes accomplishment of wealth and prosperity of all kinds while protecting against spirits that cause poverty.
Thamched gyi Yid du Ongwa - $15
Will cause one to be popular, charming and agreeable to everyone; and others to regard one with kindness.
Lha Dre Bum Trungwa - $15
Confers protection from all gods and spirits from below, on or above the earth and protects crops in the fields.
Sem Barbur ChaCho Chedpa le Trungwa - $15
Protects from harm by instability, agitation, disturbance and wavering of the mind from wind diseases.
Out of Stock
Tsawa Le Gyurpa'i Nodpa Trungwa - $15
Protects the body from all harm from hot diseases and anything that causes too much heat.
Drang Lung Le Gyurwai Nodpa Trungwa - $15
Protects the body from all diseases and harm caused by cold wind diseases; benefits those ailments already present and prevents new ones from arising.
Mug Tig Trungwa - $15
Protects against mental fogginess, stupidity, and density and promotes mental clarity, expertise, intelligence and wisdom.
Jungwa Thragpai Nodpa Trungwa - $15
Protects against harm from disturbance or disorder of the five elements [earth, water, fire, air, space] and balances their force.
Nyanrim Trungwa Gegu Chig Dril - $25
Protection from severe modern diseases such as AIDS and cancer that cannot be cured by medicine.
This is a black cylinder
Soso Drangma Trungwa - $15
General Protection, especially from disease
Dug Kar gyi Trungwa - $15
White Umbrella Protector General protection especially from obstacles and bad circumstances
Za Trung
Not Available - see number 143
Protection from Planetary Forces. This one is according to Longchenpa and is in the form of a rolled up bead.
Sor Duk Trungwa - $25
General Protection (combines 181 and 182)
Sherab Pelwa - $15
Amulet for Increasing Intelligence
Kuntuzangpo Yeshe Long gi Gyud - $25
Liberation by Wearing.
Also used to bury or burn with the deceased

Rigdzin Yabkhor - $15
Liberation by Wearing.
Also used to bury or burn with the deceased
Rigdzin Yumkhor - $15
Liberation by Wearing.
Also used to bury or burn with the deceased
Khadro Nyingthig Tagdrol - $25
Liberation by Wearing.
Also used to bury or burn with the deceased
Out of Stock