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Kyimo Lung "Peaceful Valley"*
Site of Nubri Monastery

Beyul Nepal has been in political turmoil for the past several years.  Bands of self proclaimed Maoists have been dominating the rural areas.  However, Rinpoche said that because of the blessing of the Beyul, Kyimo Lung is very pure, so worldly people do not show up.

King Thrisong Deutsen (790-858) asked Guru Rinpoche, the great 9th century saint and founder of Buddism in Tibet.

"In future times, when there will be warfare, strife, and difficult circumstances in the world, will there be a safe haven where people can go to practice?"

Guru Rinpoche told the king that there would be five Lungs where warfare would never enter. Kyimo Lung is one of these five.

Guru Rinpoche himself, came to bless this valley. Near Sera Gompa (Nubri Monastery) is the mountain of Tashi Palsang where heart treasures are hidden. These discovered treasures (Ter)** were then reconcealed in the mountain and there continued presence is a protection against war, Terdak Lingpa [Minling Terchen, 1646-1714] discovered Ter here as did Terton Garwang Dorje, who took six scriptures as Ter practices from the mountain before replacing them. The Mirror of the Enlightened Mind of Vajrasattva*** and The Heart Tantra of Padma[sambhava] on Dzogchen**** were both discovered in Kyimo Lung.

According to one of the greatest Tertons, Rigdzin Goddem, many Termas still remain in the mountains of Nubri. Karma Tulku has listed a few:

  • The original 18 Dzogchen Tantras in 5 cycles written in Lapis given by Vajrapani to King Ja.
  • The remains of King Trisongdeutsan’s youngest son in a copper vessel.
  • Manjusri’s diamond sword
  • Avalokitesvara’s crystal rosary
  • King Trisongdeutsan’s crown which was originally given by Indra to Shakyamuni, then hidden as a terma, re-discovered by Guru Rinpoche and given to King Trisongdeutsan.
  • King Trisongdeutsan’s robe.
  • Guru Rinpoche’s set of 21 phurbas.
  • many others

Milarepa, the great yogi and poet ( 1052-1135) lived for many years in Yolmo which is just two days walk away. He spent time in meditation retreat in the Kyimo Lung area.

* "Lungs" are valleys and are mostly situated on the borders of Tibet
** There have been many occasions in world history when scriptures and material objects have been discovered miraculously. Termas are a kindred phenomenon. They have been deliberately concealed by Guru Rinpoche and Yeshe Tshogyal in different places and discovered at successively appropriate times by realized masters. These Dharma Treasure scriptures are the teaching possessing the warm breath of Guru Rinpoche. Rig-dzin Jig-med Ling-pa said in his Explanation of the Empowerment of Troling; “In the concealing of the Termas there are four great purposes; to prevent the doctrine from disappearing, the teaching from being adulterated, and the power or blessing from disappearing, and to shorten the lineage of transmission.” The results are fewer obstructions to practice and accomplishments are easy and swift.
Some termas are concealed for the auspiousness of the land. If the ter remains in its geographical location “it will repair the decay of the energy or spirit of the area, and will prevent wars, and cut off the path that is frequented by harmful spirits.”
From Hidden Teaching of Tibet by Tulku Thondup
*** Dor Sem Thup Kyi Melong

Dzog Chen Pema Nying Gyud