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 Buddhist Mandalas

Sample mandala

These mandalas, abodes of the deities, are not only aesthetically pleasing but their vivid colors and intricate symmetry evoke primordial memories of a world of luminous perfection. Unlike ordinary art, they are not a tribute to the creativity of an artist. Rather, they originate in the natural mind and were introduced to the human realm by enlightened beings. They have been passed down through the generations with meticulous care.

For those who have been instructed in the use of mandalas, they are said to be the best teachers because they contain infinite meaning; and unlike human teachers they never become irritated. Even without instruction, just to view them is said to transmit great blessings.

Rendering these mandalas was originally a childhood dream of Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche who is a leading expert on Buddhist mandalas. Rinpoche recognized that this project is extremely important to preserve Dharma for future generations. For many years there seemed to be no possibility of doing it. Only recently with the auspicious conjunction of recovered artwork and books which had been buried in Tibet and the development of desktop publishing technology in the west has it been made possible.

Rinpoche has thoroughly researched each of these hundreds of mandalas to insure that they accurately reflect the original descriptions. In most cases the content, arrangement, precise proportions and colors are all described in minute detail in sacred texts. Ancient artwork was examined for sample rendering style. May whoever sees these mandalas fully receive their blessings and bring all sentient beings to enlightment.

All are high quality laser prints printed directly from electronic files to avoid loss of detail. They are laminated on both sides to preserve them for years to come. Sets will come with a short introduction written by Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche.

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