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Rinchen Terdzod Mandalas

Minluk Dorsem (Vajrasattva) sample

Minling Dorsem (Vajrasattva)

The Rinchen Terdzod is a treasury of rediscovered teachings concealed by Guru Padmasambhava in the eighth century. In order to protect these numerous scattered teachings from being lost, the great 19th century master Jamyang Kongtrul Rinpoche collected them in 62 volumes called the Rinchen Terdzod. To our knowledge, a complete set of mandalas associated with these teachings did not exist. The 254 mandalas are now available as a set of laminated high quality 11-inch laser prints for a price of US $3000. The Minling Dorsem Mandala from the Rinchen Terdzod is shown above at reduced resolution.

Below is the Karling Zhi-Tro Mandala which is the mandala of peaceful and wrathful deities of the Bardo Thödrol - commonly referred to as the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The two mandalas pictured on this page are also available individually in 5.5-inch and 11-inch sizes.

Karling Zhitro (Tibetan Book of the Dead) sample

The tsakli (miniature iconographs) for the Rinchen Terdzod have also been meticulously painted. A complete set of 5347 photo reproductions is available for US $10,000.