Visiting Kyabje Dodrupchen Rinpoche

PLEASE NOTE: Rinpoche has left the US. Sunday, October 29 was the last day for visitors this year.

Beginning Saturday, September 23, Rinpoche will see visitors on weekends after his lunch. We're not sure exactly how long he'll stay. Please arrive by 12:30 pm and wait until Rinpoche is ready. Please be aware that Rinpoche is 92 and his health and energy is fragile. We cannot guarantee that he will always be able to see visitors at the scheduled times. In order to preserve Rinpcohe's health and energy, please keep the line moving and don't make Rinpoche wait for your prostrations. Make your offering, recieve a blessing and move through out designated exit. Please do not loiter as the space is tight. Please do not repeat visits unless necessary.

- Saturdays and Sundays: Open to all visitors.
- Mondays or Tuesdays: No visitors at all so Rinpoche can rest after the weekend.
- Wednesdays thru Fridays are reserved for Mahasiddha members and guests invited by Rinpoche.

Rinpoche's plans can change quickly, so please check back frequently for updates.


Rinpoche says he is old and needs to rest for his health. He asked to keep the visitors to a minimum. In order to preserve Rinpoche's energy and allow others a chance to receive blessings, please limit your visit to making your offering and getting a quick blessing.

There are regular practice sessions led by students in the Shrineroom at 4pm daily. Also, mornings at 7:30am on weekdays, 8am on Saturdays, and 9:30am on Sundays. Rinpoche will not be attending these. All are welcome to attend. Please be respectful.

 Offer whatever you like. For Dodrup Chen Rinpoche, cash is preferred, but checks may be made out to "Dodrup Chen" *. If you'd also like to contribute to the Center, tax deductible donations may be made out to "Maha Siddha Nyingma Center."

Facilities: Parking is limited so please carpool as much as possible. Be warned that large vehicles (buses) will have a hard time making it over the small bridge and turning around on narrow roads. Please only park on one side of the road to leave sufficient passageway for other cars.

We have limited water supply and septic. We have few bathroom and cooking facilities for so many guests. We are concerned about our well running dry. Please plan to go to a local restaurant for food and restrooms before you arrive. There are also portapotties in the driveway if you need a restroom.

Directions / Accommodations: Click here for directions and a list of local accommodations.

*For large offerings requiring a tax deduction, checks may be made out to "Tshog Dag Foundation" with "CG" in the memo.

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