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Prayer Requests during Summer Retreat

monks prayingIt's traditional in Buddhist cultures, for patrons to make donations with requests for monks and nuns to do prayers. This provides support for the monasteries and spiritual benefits for the donors. We have made arrangements with Nubri Monastery to have the monks and nuns perform requested prayers and ceremonies during their Summer retreat. Your requests will be performed with total focus in a pure Dharma setting with no distractions. Due to the remote location of the Monastery, it may take a couple of weeks for your requests to be fulfilled.

To make an online request or donation with your credit card, click on the links below. Amounts must be in US dollars.

Click on the available prayers and ceremonies below. You can add as many to you want to your list before finalizing your request.

Item No Ceremony Or Prayer Choose Quantity
1 Recitation of Kajur (110 volumes by 305 monks)
2 Opening of the 110 Volumes Of Kajur (100 monks)
3 Recitation of the Complete Prajnaparamita Volumes (36 monks)
4 Recitation of 12 Volumes of Bum (Prajnaparamita) (27 monks)
5 Opening the Volumes of the Bum (Prajnaparamita) with Prayers (12 monks)
6 Dorje Chodpa (Vajrachedika) Diamond Cutter (53 monks)
7 Tshe-do (Sutra of the Buddha of Infinite Life) (25 monks)
8 Dugkar Chogdrubma (Long Version of White Umbrella) (33 monks)
9 Jampal Tshenjod (Manjusrinama- samgiti) (35 monks)
10 Gyazhi Ceremony (Four Hundredfold Offerings) (With detailed offering materaials) (8 monks)
11 Purification of a Bone of a dead person by 8 monks (With Ritual materials) for 7 days
12 Four Mandala Offerings of Tara (With Offering Materials) (6 monks)
13 Tshog (Feast) offerings (With offering materials) (400 monks) Traditionally 100,000 are offered.
14 Offerings (With Offering Materials) (105 monks)
15 Ma-gon (Dharmapala) Offerings with offerings materials)
16 Rahula (Dharmapala) Offerings
17 Damchen (Dharmapala) Offerings
18 Tsiu Marpo (Dharmapala) Offerings
19 Mamo'i Khrugkong (Dharmapala) offerings (Confession)
20 Srungma'i Tribsel (Dispelling the Dharmapala ill effects)
21 Riwo'i Sangchod (Sang Offering)
22 Mikha Dradog (recitation for reversing infamy)
22.1 Mikha Dradog Dupa (short recitation for reversing infamy)
23 Mikha Thradö (ceremony for reversing infamy)
24 Chilu (Ransoming of Death)
25 Drolma Yuldog (Tara Ceremony to Pacify Wars)
26 Shernying Duddog (Reversing Negative Forces through Heart Sutra)
27 Degyed Serkyem (Golden Drink offering to the Eight Classes of Protectors)
28 Lungag Yidsum Chingtrol (Liberating the bondages of body, speech & mind)
29 Digshag (Purification of evil deeds)
30 Thardo (Liberation Sutra)
31 Tungshag (Purification of downfalls)
32 Zangchod Monlam (Aspiration Prayer of Excellent Deeds)
33 Yig-gya (Hundred Syllable Mantra)
34 Tshigdun Soldeb (Seven Line Prayer)
35 Leu Duma (Seven Chapter Guru Rinpoche Prayer)
36 Lhonub Ngayab-ma (Life of Guru Rinpoche)
37 Barched Lamsel (Prayer for Dispelling the Obstacles)
38 Sampa Lhundrub-ma (Prayer for Accomplishing the Wishes Spontaneously)
39 Tara (Praise to the 21 Taras)
40 Sampa Nyurdrub-ma (Accomplishing the Wishes Swiftly)
41 Drolma Jigpa Gyedkyob-ma(A Prayer to the Tara to Protect from Eight Fears)
42 Manlha'i Choga (Liturgy of Medicine Buddha)
43 Neten Chagchod(Homage & Offerings to the Sthaviras, Elders)
44 Drimed Shaggyud (Immaculate Purification Tantra)
45 Sherab Nyingpo (Heart Sutra of Wisdom)
46 Khachu Nagpo (remedying black lawsuits)
47 Gyaltshen Tsemo (Victor Banner Sutra)
48 Dorje Dermo (For Pacifying legal problems)
49 Chipe Bumchung (Short Sutra for Babies)
50 Chi-pa'i Donchen Cho-nga(For Dispelling 15 Obstacles for Babies)
51 Gyanag Gagdog (For Dispelling Obstacles of Life)
52 Tshezung (Long Life Dharani)
53 Phur-nyen (Vajrakila mantra)
54 Menzung (Dharani of Medicine Buddha)
55 Lokyon-ma'i Nyenpa (Mantra of Lokyon-ma Tara)
56 Chagdor Nyenpa (Vajrapani Mantra)
57 Dorje Namjom Zung (Dharani of Vajraviddarana for purification)
58 Kyabdro (Going for Refuge)
59 Ser-od Nga-dra-ma(Golden Drum Sutra)
60 Recitation of Do-mang (Stutra and Tantra Collections)
61 Padma Kathang Dagtshar (Recitation of Guru Rinpoche's Life)
62 Kathang De-nga Dagtshar (Recitation of the Five Kathang)
63 Drib-sang (Purification of Defilement)
64 Recitation of 8,000 Versed Prajnaparamita Sutra
65 Recitation of 20,000 Versed Prajnaparamita Sutra
66 Kar-sur (White Sur Offering)
67 Tsak-tra Chusum (Mantra of thirteen Tsakras)
68 Do-de Kelzang Dagtshar (Recitation of the Golden Age Sutra)
69 Ten-drel Nyingpo (Heart Mantra of Interdependent Causation)
70 Du-sum Sangye (Prayer to Guru Rinpoche for Pacifying Obstructions)
71 Khorlo Barba (Dharani to Protect from Negative Forces)
72 Trashi Gyedpa (Prayer for Eight Auspiciousness)
73 Trashi Tsegpa (Prayer for Heap of Auspiciousness)
74 Lhamo Odzer Chan-ma'i Nyenpa (Mantra to Protect from Enemies)
75 Lhamo Odzer Chanma (Prayer to Protect from Enemies)
76 Dig-drib Kunjom (Prayers that purifies the ill effect of your evil deeds)
77 Dugkar Dogpa (Reversing the ill-effects through White Umbrella Deity)
78 Chogchu Munsel (Prayer of Dispelling the Darkness of Life)
79 Mi-thrug'pa'i Zung (Dharani of Aksobhya Buddha)
80 Phagpa Norbu Zangpo'i Zung (Dharani of Manibhadra for Wealth)
81 Badzar Guru (Mantra of Guru Rinpoche)
82 Mani (Mantra of Avalikotesvara)
83 Tsug-tor Nam-gyal gyi Zung (Dharani of Ushnavijya for purification)
84 Drolma Norter Ma'i Nyen-pa (Tara Mantra for Prosperity)
85 Throwo Metseg Kyi Zung (Dharani for purification)
86 Seng-dong Nyenpa (Reversing negativity through the Mantra of Lion-Faced Deity)
87 Seng-dong-ma'i Dogpa (Pacifying the Negative Effects through Lion Face Deity)
88 Rig-ched-ma'i Nyen-pa (Mantra of Kurukulle, Tara of Power)
89 Death rituals performed by Rinpoche*
90.08 Death rituals performed by 8 monks*
90.15 Death rituals performed by 15 monks*
90.25 Death rituals performed by 25 monks*
91 Mar Me ( Butter Lamps )
92 Dzambalai Zung (Mantra of Deity of Prosperity)
93 Dorje Ko Thrab (Varja Armament Dharani to Protect from Serious Illness)
94 Sangye Odphagmedki Tshen (Prayer of the Names of Buddha Amitabha)
95 Lenchag Torma (Offering Torma to Repay Karmic Debts)
96 Semchen Gyuluma (Prayer to Orgyen Menla, Guru Rinpoche as Medicine Buddha)
97 Khadro SunDog ( Elaborate Ceremony with Offerings to Avert the Dakini Escort for the Root Lama )
98 Za Ngu recitation with offerings
99 Konchog Je Den (Sutra of Remembrance of the Three Jewels)
100 Water Torma Offering
101 Gya-Nyen Lha Sang (Offering of Sang as Reward)
102 Norlha Yang Kyab (Prayer to the Deities of Wealth and Good Fortune)
103 Du Ngen Ned-rig Kun-jom (Conquerer of Diseases of the Dark Age)
104 Drol Kar (White Tara)
Phowa Phowa (Transference of Consciousness to the Pure Land)
sachu Sa Chu Me Lung (Prayer to Guru Rinpoche with the Female Element Dakinis from Sampa Lhundrupma)