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Kunchok Drolma Omzay Ani.

Nubri Lama recounts: "She is now 19 years old and has been a nun for seven years. She came to live at the monastery when she was 12. She wanted to become a nun at a very early age. I asked her to wait until she was twelve as there are no accommodations here for very young children. When the children first come here none of them know how to read or write. However, Kunchok Dolma is very intelligent and she quickly learns everything. Although there are older nuns she has been given the important role of the Omzay Ani (chant leader). Until recently the Drupchen (religious ceremony bringing "great accomplishment") has been done only by the monks but from the third month of this year (water horse year,) the nuns will learn the Drupchen. The nuns (Tib: ani) can make all the tormas, perform all the mudras,(symbolic hand gestures), prayers, and chanting. In this way the nuns and monks are equally qualified and proficient.